ALDEIA Bairro Alto - Seafood, Wines and Petiscos

We are passionate about the traditions and the flavours of the Portuguese typical gastronomy, a passion we nourish daily by serving you with all pleasure. Come taste the Aldeia!

The Gastronomic tradition of the Portuguese villages

Aldeia is born at the heart of Bairro Alto, in Lisbon, more precisely at number 30 of Travessa da Queimada and its references came from the diversity and richness of the flavours that have been perpetuated throughout the country, with local produce from the fields to the mountain, from the sea to rivers, which over the years has been preserved at the table of the Portuguese, especially in our villages, and inspired us to bring you a selection of products and dishes with an authentic Portuguese taste. In the Portuguese Villages the flavours are genuine, the gastronomic products are the result of very old traditions that have passed from generation to generation.

At the Aldeia, tradition and modernity join at the same table.

The menu is filled with recipes and gastronomic traditions from various Portuguese regions, bringing to the table fresh ingredients and good regional products, where for example the cheeses of Azeitão melt, or the smoked sausages and ham of northern smokers. And of course, well-chosen and always recommended wines in a logic of ‘happy marriages’ with seafood and petiscos. The origin of the ingredients, seafood, wines and snacks we serve is the essence of its authentic flavour and also its guarantee of Quality!

In the place you will find the familiar environment of a trendy neighbourhood, creative ways of making and serving, and all the amenities and technology of our times that give the Aldeia a totally contemporary and very relaxed atmosphere where wood is always present. In addition to the room on the ground floor, Aldeia also has a private room and a bar upstairs.

The Aldeia Bairro Alto Menu is simple but rich, with flavours and options for varied tastes, consisting of seafood, petiscos, cheeses and smoked sausages, main dishes and the fastest proposals to taste on bread, salads, olive oil and olives and of course we could not miss the preserves. The menu is very complete and varied and will not be easy to choose, the most certain is that you will want to taste various snacks. At the Aldeia you will find old typical flavours but also discover new flavours and try new combinations, all to make Aldeia Bairro Alto’s gastronomic experience always new and even more diverse and intense.

The dishes were prepared taking into account the wishes of the customers at different times and thus you have at your disposal 3 types of service with options for all tastes:

TASTE – which allows you to taste various delicacies in small dishes

SERVING – with the aim of serving a meal of your favourite dish

GROUP – which allows to satisfy a larger group of friends or a family and optimize the cost

In case of doubt your are welcome to ask the Head of Room for references, you will get the best recommendations. All to give you gastronomic experiences full of flavour and intensity!

We are open from Monday to Saturday from 13h to 02h. We are closed on Sundays. We receive reservations for lunches and dinners for Groups from 10 people. If you prefer something different than what we propose talk with us, we will always try to meet your expectations with great pleasure!

‘Seasoning’ the whole experience, the informality makes the Aldeia a very familiar and cozy place where one eats with great taste, but where also ‘feels’ good to be!