Welcome to the table of the Aldeia!

In Aldeia Bairro Alto, the menu consists of seafood, snacks, cheeses and smoked sausages, prepared dishes and the best proposals to taste on bread, salads, olive oil and olives, and of course the preserves that could not be missed. Come with time because the menu is very varied and not only will you need time to go over it, but also to have time to taste various flavours. Yes because at Aldeia Bairro Alto the service is divided into three options to better satisfy you: the Taste, the Serving, and the Group. In the first option, the tasting doses allow you to join in a single meal several of your favourite flavours. The Serving is a satisfying meal from your favourite dish. And the Group was designed to make more affordable partying with family and friends.

Come and taste the aromas and flavours of the villages that live in your memories and that the authentic ingredients help to remember. We will highlight some of the snacks just to whet the appetite. From the Fresh Clams à Bulhão Pato, there are those who say that if you start you can’t stop, to the Octopus à Lagareiro as the law commands and the Pica Pau Pork the real thing! From the Crispy Goat Cheese with Honey, the best is to say nothing. But what is really worth not forgetting are the desserts, just to highlight two of them: the Black Chocolate Volcano, the most preferred in the Aldeia; And the Orange Pudding.

Of course we can not leave out the drinks, because in addition to the Portuguese petiscos, the wines are also national and you can taste them by glass or bottle. If it is difficult to choose, search for inspiration in the bottles that fill the various shelves and wooden cabinets that decorate the space or ask for help. In the aperitifs and digestives could not miss the Port Wines, White, Rosé, LBV, Tawny 20 Years and of course Vintage. But we cannot stop here, the Madeira Wine, Carcavelos and famous Bastard among Liquors and Muscats, Late Harvest, Old Spirits and Sparkling White and Rosé Wines.