The Aldeia flavours arrived at Bairro Alto!

If you love to try new cozy restaurants, mainly where Portuguese seafood, wine and petiscos are the kings of the table, then come and experience the Aldeia in Bairro Alto. It’s just that the Aldeia was created with your pleasures at the table in mind.

The simple and cozy decoration on the walls shows references of the Portuguese villages, displaying some objects that we use to find in the living rooms of our grandmothers.

The copper lamps hung from the ceiling with low lights help to give the space a relaxed atmosphere with some sophistication, where the wood has a prominent role. The floor received a typical Portuguese mosaic that also punctuates the walls at medium height.

In Aldeia Bairro Alto we put together the typical gastronomy of our Villages, to which our Chef gave new presentations, with the pleasure of living at the table. The result, is what you have to taste at nº 30 of the Travessa da Queimada.

The Aldeia staff is waiting for you with great pleasure!